A resume objective can quickly get you noticed—if it's done well. Here's the formula and some good examples for creating yours.

You're searching for a new (or perhaps your first) job, and you know your objective. However, do you know how to communicate it effectively on your resume?

While not required, a resume objective (also called a career objective, job objective, or employment objective) is a great way to let a recruiter or hiring manager quickly see a snapshot of your skills and experience, which can help you stand out from other candidates during the initial resume scan.

It also adds in additional key search terms that help automated resume screening programs to find you and flag you as a good potential hire.

In this blog we'll cover:

The basic components of a good resume objective statement

A good resume objective shares three kinds of information.

  • The first is who you are, which is generally a statement of your current job title as well as any skills, education, or certifications relevant to the job you're after.

  •  Second is a statement of what you will bring that's of value to that company such as your years of experience or particular training.

  •  The third part is a statement of how you will help the company to reach its goals through your specific talents.

This isn't a hard and fast structure but knowing these components can help put an effective career objective on a resume. This is the structure you'll see in many of the upcoming resume objective examples.

Important tips to remember when crafting your objective statement

  1. Tailor your objective to the specific job/career/industry you're applying for. This means that you should create a separate, customized resume for each application.

  2. State how you'll help the company, not just how qualified you are.

  3. Use specific facts/numbers/details whenever possible, without bragging or generalizing.

  4. Keep it simple. Don't use flowery or expansive words as they can sometimes make you appear arrogant. Make it as easy as possible for a recruiter to quickly see you as a qualified candidate.

Reviewing the job description will provide the information to make your resume objective specific to the job and company.

With all this in mind, here are some good examples to help you create a great career objective of your own. If your job isn't listed, don't panic. While these examples don't cover every job out there, they should help you build a strong, targeted objective for your specific needs.

Sample resume objectives for a new job-seeker

You might not have a ton of experience, but creating a good resume objective will absolutely help differentiate you from other applicants in a recruiter's eyes.

The trick here is to emphasize your strongest personal skills and characteristics as well as any educational successes since you can't provide specific work experience or accomplishments.

Here are two examples:

“Organized, fast-learning, and hard-working employee looking to join [company name] as accounts payable clerk. Looking to take advantage of my skills in Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks to help [company name] with their accounting objectives.”

“Recent graduate with a B.A. in Accounting looking to start their career in Finance at [company name]. Experienced in creating annual reports and analyzing financial statements for several university activities. Seeking to combine my theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience to help [company name] continue their strong market presence.”

Resume objective examples for those looking for a career change

Your goal here is to clearly show how your skills and experience from your previous career can be effective in your next job. Do this by mentioning your talents and knowledge that are relevant to the new job and stating how your previous career background will help you succeed/excel in the role.

“Customer service associate with over four years of experience in accounting technical support looking to leverage Excel skills and Great Plains knowledge as a Staff Accountant with [company name]. Proven customer satisfaction record solving complicated technical and accounting issues while in a remote role.”

Resume career objective examples for specific positions

Accounting/Finance Roles

“Experienced individual with solid analytical and quantitative skills and 5 years of experience seeks the job of Financial Analyst with [company name] where I can utilize outstanding knowledge of financial analysis and modeling to provide accurate and sound financial decision-making at all levels.”

“Detail-oriented graduate with AS Degree, problem-solving abilities, and analytical skills seeking the role of Accounting Associate with [company name] where I can effectively apply my exceptional knowledge of tax and accounting software for accurate budgeting and forecasting.”

“Current CPA looking to fill the role of Finance and Accounts Manager at [company name]. As well as being disciplined and self-motivated, I have extensive experience with financial reporting/modeling along with a proven knowledge of various accounting software models, all of which contribute to effective financial operations.”

“Experienced junior financial analyst seeking role of Senior Financial Specialist with [company name]. Skills include knowing how to make targeted and time-sensitive financial decisions by merging solid analytical, accounting, and quantitative skills with a strong passion for the finance industry.”

Banking Positions

“Highly talented Head Teller with 8 years of experience in the banking sector seeking a position as a Relationship Manager with [bank name] to increase revenue by combining my banking background with my excellent interpersonal and communication skills to bring in new clients, maintain relationships with existing clients, and develop effective media campaigns.”

“Seasoned banking professional seeking a Bank Manager position with [name of bank or financial services provider] using my business and banking experience along with strong communication skills to provide effective problem-solving, customer service, and employee retention as well as interacting with bank customers in a positive, beneficial manner.”

“Self-motivated, reliable, number-loving individual looking for a position as a Bank Teller with [bank name] to apply exceptional math and customer service skills for customers. Key traits include trustworthiness, efficiency, and willingness to learn new tasks.”

Computer Industry Positions

“Highly motivated individual with 7 years of solid computer engineering experience and proven leadership skills seeking the position of SharePoint Administrator at [company name] where I hope to utilize demonstrated SharePoint expertise, knowledge of SharePoint solutions architecture, and advanced knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server to ensure exceptional technical performance.”

“Experienced IT professional with BA in Computer Science and proven technical, management, and communication skills seeking the position of Network Engineer at [company name] to utilize proven experience in systems management and configuration to benefit both internal staff and external customers.”

“Talented information technology specialist in search of a Senior IT Manager position at [company name] where my technical and team management skills can help improve existing processes for handling IT requests and efficiently accomplishing various technical projects.”

“Technical and database professional seeks the role of SQL Programmer within [company name] where I will utilize my excellent programming and organizational skills to enhance company market presence while also gaining a deeper understanding and utilization of the newest IT trends.”

Customer Service Jobs

“Smart and creative Customer Service Representative desires similar position with [company name]. I bring strong communication abilities, proven organizational skills, and a supportive, patient personality to help the company retain and grow its customer base in both existing and new markets.”

“Experienced customer service professional seeking a position at [company name] as a Customer Support Analyst where I can apply my excellent communication and organizational skills to provide customers with effective and efficient support which ensures ongoing retention.”

“Credentialed and experienced sales administrator seeks the post of a Contact Center Agent at [company name] where I can provide exceptional verbal, listening, and analytical abilities to ensure clients reach their desired objectives by correctly using [company name's] products.”

“Diligent Customer Service Agent with 5+ years of experience at a high-volume call center seeks a career move to a similar role at a company such as [company name]. I desire a fast-paced work environment and the top-rated customer service you provide where my organization and support skills can help meet current and future customer demand.”

Engineering Roles

“Graduate of [school name] with a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and two years of work experience at ABC Company seeks a Mechanical Engineer role with [company name], a renowned automobile manufacturer. Possess excellent skills in research, data analysis, and time management. Hold patents for several innovative mechanical devices.”

“Experienced individual with 7+ years of experience managing engineer operations seeks a Civil Engineer role at [company name]. Proven ability to handle simultaneous projects with minimal supervision and bring a committed focus on health, safety, and the environment to the position.”

Human Resources Positions

“Human Resource Management Professional looking for the opportunity to augment the overall strategic plan and market direction of [company name] as VP of Human Resources. Over nine years of experience in managing staff, handling employee relations, and coordinating project management. Strong skills in HRIS.”

“Established, successful HR recruiter seeks a Human Resources Coordinator position with [company name] where I can utilize my experience and in-depth knowledge of hiring processes, negotiation, conflict resolution, and policy development such as payroll and benefits.”

“Experienced and approachable Human Resources Coordinator with four years of experience seeks position as Human Resources Manager with [company name] where I can utilize my industry knowledge and HR experience to implement employee-satisfaction policies and improvements, develop hiring protocols, and create an environment where employees feel valued and satisfied.”

“Results-driven graduate with a degree in psychology (GPA: 3.8) and a minor in business operations looking for a role as a Junior HR Recruitment Agent at [company name]. Prior experience in interviewing and providing feedback as part of college projects in business classes. I will bring well-honed soft skills and strong knowledge of workplace psychology to assist overall HR operations while fine-tuning my skills in the recruitment processes.”


“Hard-working student (3.5/4.0 GPA) majoring in [specific area] seeks the Intern role with [company name]. Abilities include proven leadership and organizational skills and strong attention to detail. Dedicated team player who can be relied upon to help [company name] achieve its goals as I learn more about your market space.”

“Energetic, talented college student at [school name] working toward a Marketing Degree seeks to fill the Marketing Intern role at [company name]. General experience and knowledge of PR, advertising, consumer research, and product development strategies to help build customer base in emerging markets.”

“Accomplished corporate attorney with 8 years of direct experience seeking a top-level Lawyer role at [name of legal firm] bringing skills including legal drafting, arbitration, corporate affairs, and labor laws to assist clients both inside and outside of the courtroom.”

“Current public legal advocate seeks position as Senior Legal Researcher for [name of court district/city/legal firm]. I have two years of experience working in district and session courts in the areas of home development, land development, and commercial property development that will allow me to take on more challenging research projects to meet client needs in these areas.”

Marketing/Sales Positions

“Technically-oriented graduate with a B.A. in Internet Marketing seeking a Junior SEO Specialist position at [company name]. Working knowledge of SEO, as well as some hands-on experience with Google Analytics. Looking to further develop my online marketing skills as part of the [company name] team.”

“Certified digital marketer with strong content writing skills, SEO experience, and 5 years of proven online marketing abilities seeking the role of Digital Marketer with [company name] to help expand customer base into new markets.”

“Enthusiastic marketer skilled in copywriting and graphic design looking for a Social Media Marketing position at [company name]. Personally started and grew an Instagram page to 5,000+ followers and a Facebook page to 8,000+ likes. I believe my skills will help [company name's] clients improve sales via social media marketing through a strong online presence.”

Medical Roles

“Licensed, experienced physical therapist seeking similar role at [hospital or clinic name]. With 6+ years of experience in treating children and adults with physical disabilities, injuries, and illnesses, I can contribute to the healing of each person's physical challenges and/or learning to navigate them successfully.”

“Registered Nurse seeking a new career as a Neonatal Nurse specialist at [hospital name]. Ten years of general nursing combined with a certification in neonatal nursing will allow me to provide outstanding care for both infants and their families, educating them about different health conditions and how to handle them. Working nights and weekends is not a problem.”

“Experienced home health aide seeks to obtain a position as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at [name of home health agency] applying my course knowledge and proven health-care skills to support and care for home-bound patients with various health needs.”

“Licensed Pharmacy Technician with 8 years of experience in search of similar position at [pharmacy or hospital name], assisting patients by successfully applying extensive experience and knowledge of pharmacy operations, technology, and drug distribution.”

Office/Administrative Roles

“Former nurse seeking a part-time job as a receptionist at [company name]. Experience in working directly with people in nursing and for the last five years as an Avon representative. Organized with strong computer skills and professional presence.”

“Business-savvy office employee looking to work at [company name] as an Administrative Assistant. Experience as an Executive Assistant (1 year) and as a Department Secretary (3 years). Supported several key projects through strong organizational skills, timeliness, and solid computer abilities.”

“Experienced office manager seeking customer service leadership role to help [company name] provide outstanding customer satisfaction. Experienced in managing teams of 15+ at [current or former company names], handling various responsibilities from hiring new staff to managing data-input groups.”

“Freelance VA (virtual assistant) looking to transition to an on-site role as an Executive Assistant. Worked with 10+ online businesses, helping with everything from creating training documents to customer service and management support. Excellent organizational abilities and strong attention to detail. Proficient in Microsoft Office, Adobe, and Photoshop. Intermediate copywriting skills.”

Project Management Positions

“Experienced MBA graduate with outstanding time and project management skills and 10+ years of experience seeks the position as Director of Operations with [company name]. I believe I can ensure the company's ongoing success through my exceptional interpersonal and negotiation skills and the ability to lead large multi-departmental operations.”

“Dynamic individual with exceptional leadership and interpersonal skills looking to fill the role of Manager of Clinical Operations at [company name]. I bring experience and expertise in overseeing clinical operations and managing technical and professional staff as well 8+ years of clinical research and supervisory experience in the medical field.”

“Deadline-focused professional with proven experience in project administration searching for a Project Management Position where I can utilize my knowledge and skills in the areas of leadership, problem-solving, team management, and oral and written communication to help [company name] exceed the bottom line.”

Real Estate Jobs

Real estate broker with a passion for organization and excellence seeks a similar role with [company name], utilizing my experience with sales and lease of commercial and residential properties in [location]. Recurrent sales and leasing of properties to large corporations in the last 5 years allowed me to increase revenue to 12% on a year-over-year basis, significantly contributing to the growth of the company.”

“Successful sales person seeks high-level position as Real Estate Broker at [company name]. Recent experience handling a customer base of over 150 clients at another reputable real estate firm [or name the company]. Skill set includes creating daily and monthly sales reports and assisting the implementation of customer retention strategies for senior management.”

Service Industry Jobs

“Excellent communicator and multi-tasker with experience in massage and esthetic services, interested in the position of Front Desk Wellness Sales with [company name]. I bring various strengths including phone, bookkeeping, and customer service skills that will help your font desk run smoothly.”

“Hardworking, organized, and reliable housekeeper looking for a janitorial position at [company name] to clean interior spaces utilizing my knowledge of efficient and safe cleaning practices as well as the use of effective cleaning equipment, environmentally sound cleaning agents, and excellent customer service skills.”

“Entrepreneurial and highly experienced caterer with 7+ years in the Foodservice sector seeking the position of Catering Manager at [company name] bringing proven management experience, culinary expertise, interpersonal skills, and a strong customer service approach to the role.”

“Friendly, upbeat, and detail-oriented individual looking for an entry-level, fast-paced Line Cook position at [restaurant name] where I can utilize my outstanding food preparation skills safely and efficiently.”

Teaching Positions

“Talented preschool teacher with 3 years of experience seeking the role of Kindergarten Teacher at [school name]. I have excellent skills and connections with special-needs students and collaborated with my superintendent to create and implement effective teaching practices for these children that can be used throughout the district.”

“Experienced elementary school English Teacher looking to fill the role of Reading Specialist at [school name.] This position in a progressive institution like [school name] would allow me to utilize my sound teaching skills and assist students in reaching their full potential by helping them to become strong readers.”

“Passionate, enthusiastic and experienced teaching assistant seeking the position of Para-Educator at [school name] utilizing my interpersonal skills and classroom experience to aid in the development of each student by interacting with them, providing support and resources, and directly supporting the teacher's lessons in the classroom.”

Writing/Editing Roles

“Articulate recent graduate with B.A. degree in Media and Mass Communication desiring a Content Creator Role at [company name]. Hoping to use my writing skills and my experience in writing articles for local newspapers and online magazines to improve [company name's] blog, expanding current industry presence.”

“Editor with extensive writing and management experience looking to fill the position of Senior Editor with [company name], utilizing my time-management skills to ensure all projects meet deadlines and supervisory experience to effectively manage a team of writers and editors.”


Once again, this is by no means a complete list of resume objective examples, but it should help you understand the formula for creating a specific resume objective for whatever job you're after.

Take the time to do this right. Create a tailored objective for each position you want and you'll be easily found by both recruiters and automated applicant tracking systems searching for the keywords that are right there at the top of your resume.

The result? You'll be starting your new job well ahead of the crowd.

Still not sure about your resume objective or other aspects of your resume? Ensure it's submission-ready with a free resume review or professional rewrite.

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