The ticket to job-search success is a resume that shows you off.

An impressive resume is key to a successful job search, but what does “impressive” mean, anyway? Here's a secret: It isn't about long words and fancy designs. Rather, it's about a different kind of presentation: the presentation of you. If you really want to show employers why they should hire you, you need to show yourself in the best light. To put it simply, you need to show off.

That said, “showing off” on a piece of paper isn't easy. What are the things you should say, and how do you say them effectively? Luckily, there are professionals trained in the art of bringing your talents to the page and making you shine. Here are the reasons a TopResume professional resume writer can show you off — better than you can.

We don't shy away from bragging (the right way)

We're taught to be humble and polite, especially when talking about ourselves. But while humility is a valuable characteristic, it has no place in the job search. In fact, too much humility in your resume can hold you back. To catch the attention of hiring managers and recruiters, your resume needs to be unabashed in the way it describes your achievements.

Writing like this can feel uncomfortable, and it's hard to know when you've hit the mark or if you're still shying away from your potential. Professional resume writers, however, feel at home with this special style of bragging, and they'll easily be able to tell your story in its most powerful form.

We know the language that will make you sound impressive

Part of successful resume bragging is using language that creates an impact. This means using lots of action verbs, targeted keywords, and the active voice. If these things are all Greek to you, you're not alone.

Unfortunately, the stakes are high in the job search, and failing to conquer these language skills can result in your resume characterizing you as a “doer” rather than an “achiever” — someone who completes tasks but doesn't accomplish notable goals. TopResume's expert writers are fluent in impactful resume language though, and they can take your already-impressive professional history and convey it with words that pack a punch. You already have the skills to catch the attention of hiring managers; don't throw them away by not communicating them effectively.

We know what recruiters care about most

A resume is only as strong as the impact it makes on its readers. You could have a fantastic document, but if it doesn't tell a recruiter what they want to hear, it will be cast aside.

Professional resume writers know what employers are looking for; they speak their language and, therefore, know what to say to get their attention. Instead of spending time trying to perfect a resume that doesn't send the right message, trust in the expertise of a professional to focus your resume on what really matters. They will highlight the points that will be most impressive to the audience you care about most: the person you want to hire you.

The job search is all about impressing hiring managers, and to do that, you have to show your best self — which means a bit of showing off. The idea is simple enough, but putting it to paper isn't easy. By working with a professional resume writer, you'll ensure that you make your accomplishments and abilities known with every application. With a stronger resume that shows your true value, you'll be better set up for job-search success.

Show off your best self in your job search. Learn more about working with a TopResume professional resume writer.

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