Know that your resume is putting your best foot forward.

It's OK to admit it: The job search can be discouraging. You spend time and energy scouring job boards, customizing resumes and cover letters, and crossing your fingers when you finally find that listing that just feels right. When it doesn't turn out the way you'd hoped after all that, it's only natural that it shakes you. When it happens again and again, it's bound to take a toll.

Believe us, we understand. In fact, that's why we're here. Yes, professionally written resumes are proven to help you land a job sooner and earn you more money, but there's another, hidden benefit: a big boost of confidence to carry you through until you do find that perfect role. Here's how a powerful resume, written by the pros, can do just that.

You'll market accomplishments you didn't know you had

Professional resume writers aren't just gifted with words ‒‒ they're experts at looking at your career history and identifying the parts of it that are most exciting and impressive. You may think that you “developed a new sales strategy and increased revenue,” but a professional resume writer can see that you “doubled annual sales volume” and “led the redevelopment project” that accomplished this feat. They work to see the best in you and your career, and when they find those gems in your history and shine them up with the right language, you'll realize you have more to offer than you thought.

You'll know that your resume is error-free

Is this font unique or unprofessional? How many bullets are too many? Does including my headshot make me more personable?

You can proofread endlessly and submit a document that you believe is flawless, but that doesn't change one thing: We're never taught how to write resumes. Because of that, despite great efforts, it's impossible to guarantee that the resume you send is actually what an employer is looking for. What if you made a choice while writing that you thought would make you stand out, but is actually working against you?

Professional resume writers know what a resume is ‒‒ and isn't ‒‒ supposed to be. By working with an expert who knows the rules and expectations, you'll feel confident that your resume is exactly what it needs to be to land you the job, dispelling any doubt about mistakes you hadn't even known you were making.

You'll feel more legitimate

Of course, it's what's on the inside that counts, but it's still also true that when we put on our favorite outfit, we stand a few inches taller. The way we look can have an effect on how we feel, and that's true for resumes as well.

Your resume is a physical representation of you and your career, and when it looks strong and professional, it makes you feel that way. Therefore, a professional resume rewrite is more than an overhaul of a Word document ‒‒ it's a makeover for your professional self. When you look at your professionally written resume and notice its polished presentation, you'll feel more legitimate as you go about your job search ‒‒ like a force to be reckoned with.

Showcasing your best self

It may seem like the job-search process is designed to diminish your confidence, but it doesn't have to be this way. With a professionally written resume, you can search listings and submit applications knowing that each time, you're putting your best foot forward. We think Danny T., a recent TopResume customer, put it best:

“The support that I received from my professional resume writer was a gift that I am grateful for every hour that I search online. I am confident that now I demonstrate the skills that I have learned through my professional life to all prospective employers.

I still have to search through the ads, but I am absolutely sure every morning and with every 'send' that I am presented in the best light and language that recruiters will review.”

We want you to feel like Danny too. Learn more about how TopResume can boost your confidence and guide you toward your next job.

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