Out with the old, in with the ... slightly more organized desks!

Spring brings new beginnings. Green sprouts push their heads through the soil, trees wake up after a long winter's nap, and joggers lace up their brand-new sneakers as they step out into the warm spring weather.

Whether this new start is about taking advantage of the sunshine, changing old habits, or making 2017 a year for professional growth, here at TopResume, we welcomed the warmer weather with an office-wide spring cleaning social.

Because we like to have a little fun and friendly competition, we held our first annual “Come Clean Contest.” Everyone cleaned out their desks and “Hoarder Awards” were given to the people who uncovered the strangest or most unusual item.


Patrick, Chief Products Officer and “Weird Stuff Judge”

“Amanda [Augustine, our resident career advice expert] nominated me to be the judge because she trusts that I know weird stuff,” Patrick said.

Co-workers spent time socializing and cleaning the insides of their desks, finding everything from forgotten mementos, to crumpled notes, and even old business cards from past job experiences. Out with the old, indeed.

Marco, one of our software engineers, submitted two television remotes for the contest that he found in his desk. “They were from our old office, before we moved into this bigger space,” he said. “I can't believe it but I just tried them on our new TV and they work!”

With all the cleaning and dusting, the TopResume. team members found a lot of weird stuff as they made room for the months and opportunities ahead. But in the end, only one person could be crowned the winner.

In N Out Ketchup

Tracy, Sales Associate: Second Place

Tracy won second for submitting a ketchup packet from In-N-Out Burger, a rare sight here in NYC. “It was actually left from someone who used the desk before me,” Tracy said, “but I'm still proud of my ketchup packet. It had to travel a long way to get here.”

Latex gloves

Lauren Chilcote, Web Designer: First Place

Lauren snagged gold with her curious abundance of blue latex gloves. “I'm honored,” Lauren said, hearing the news. “I originally stuffed them in my desk drawer in preparation for our Halloween social. We were creating bloody eyeball cocktails for everyone, and someone suggested we wear gloves for the food handling. My boyfriend runs operations for a 3D printing factory in Long Island City and has a ton of latex gloves around. I asked him if he could swipe some for me."

We came clean!

With all of our stuff out in the open, and our desks neat and tidy, the whole office is ready to invite new challenges this spring. Sometimes it just takes a little push, maybe a little friendly game, to take the first step and make a change in the workplace.

What changes will you invite this spring?

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