We created a masterpiece in honor of the man who made them for a living.

In the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci's birthday (Happy B-day, Leo!), TopResume asked me to update the personal branding materials of the one and only Renaissance Man. Da Vinci is actually credited with creating the concept of the resume when he wrote to a “Most Illustrious Lord” for an employment opportunity in 1482. Just 30 years old at the time, da Vinci penned a letter of capabilities and sent it to the Duke of Milan, proving that even the world's most prominent figures have to market themselves from time to time.  Leonardo da Vinci inventions include the parachute, helicopter and take as well as the resume. How's that for a “Key Achievements” section?

We positioned da Vinci as a Creative Director seeking his next big agency leadership role–and had a little fun in the process. And while we don't recommend including a quote from yourself at the top of your resume, the opening line from da Vinci's original document just felt fitting.

Read on, and remember–the most proactive candidates are also the most legendary.  

da vinci resume

Please note:

We took a little creative license with this resume makeovers. We do not recommend including a quote from yourself within your professional resume.

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