Life at work can be ruff.

Bring Your Dog to Work Day was nothing but fur and cuddles at TopResume's parent company, Talent Inc.! Marlin, Cricket, Fox, and Icy were hard at work playing fetch, taking business meetings, and posing for Instagram and Snapchat stories with employees who just couldn't get enough of their cuteness. They also gave everyone at the office advice on how to cuddle properly, and even fixed a few typos in the weekly company emails. While they haven't officially been offered a position yet, they will definitely be back for a few "good-boy" consulting jobs in the future.

Marco, Kevin, and Adam consulted with Icy over some very pressing matters. 

Isabel and Marlin spitballed copy ideas in the Pavilion.

Cricket thought we should pivot and focus on the canine snack market, instead.

Overall, the dogs worked hard, and played hard, and we can't wait for the next time we get to work with these furry colleagues. 

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