Testimonials and endorsements can help give your resume an edge over other candidates.

In a competitive job search environment, it's more than likely that all applicants have included their qualifications, professional experience, and education on their resumes. How you can make your information stand out from other candidates? One way to shine brighter than all the other stars in the sky: adding testimonials and endorsements to your resume formats. Read below for three ways to use this valuable information.

Add testimonials underneath each job position

Add testimonials from supervisors and managers – corresponding to each job position. If you did a great job as  Marketing Manager, then gather a written testimonial from the CEO and include that sentence underneath your Marketing Manager achievements.

Create an "Endorsements" section of your resume

If you are looking to add an entire section to your resume and have three to five testimonials from various people and different employers, add a section titled “Testimonials” or “Endorsements.” This resume format will show that you have multiple people that think you are a great candidate.

Use testimonials to help fill unused white space

Is your resume two pages, but you have a large gap or white space at the bottom of page two? Instead of leaving it blank, add one or two testimonials to this section. Not only does this show glowing reviews of your work, it allows the reader to end with positive thoughts about your potential candidacy for the position.

Always ask for a recommendation

When asking for testimonials, be sure to confirm that it is okay with the writer to use the information in your resume writing. Only add those testimonials that actually say something. Don't add a testimonial that says, “Great job!” Instead, add written reviews that are specific—something like, “Heather led 18 managers throughout a new program implementation, increasing sales by 32% during her tenure. We would absolutely welcome her back in any leadership role.”

Finally, a crucual resume tip is to ASK for testimonials or written recommendations. These tiny marketing pieces can be utilized on your resume as another piece of your personal marketing puzzle.

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