Back up that stellar resume with an impressive online presence.

Your resume says a lot about your professional experience. In today's working world, however, employers want to learn much more about you than you can possibly jot down on a piece of paper.

Much in the same way you research companies to determine whether you want to make a purchase or use their service offerings, employers dig deep and research you. If your resume stands out to the point an employer decides to dig deeper, you'd be well served to make sure your personal branding strategy makes you look good.

Let's say you're out with some friends and you're craving some pizza. You Google “pizza near me” and two restaurants pop up. One of those restaurants has mouth-watering descriptions of their food, along with high-res photos. The other doesn't even have a website, and there isn't much more on their Yelp page than the confirmation that they do indeed serve pizza. Which restaurant would you choose?

Much like you, employers are looking for images and other information that shows them the quality of a product (you). They're looking for further support beyond your resume for evidence that you'd be a good fit for the company culture and that you wouldn't be a detriment to the company's goals and objectives.

In order to improve your chances of being hired by that deep digging employer, try these tips for building a personal brand.

Clean up your social media pages.

Step number one in your personal branding strategy should be to clean up your act on social media. Time to embrace adulthood and remove those photos you posted in college at the local watering hole. Employers want to know that you're adept at interacting with others and that you have a social life, but they don't want to see you dancing on tables and tossing back beers. Delete any photos on your social media channels that paint you in a negative light and replace them with photos that showcase your more positive, more professional side.

Publish original content.

One of the best ways to build your personal brand to show that you're well versed in your craft is to create content that showcases your expertise. Blogs offer an excellent outlet for content creation and personal brand building. There are tons of free, high quality blog templates available on platforms like Wordpress, so select one and start writing. Build promotion of the content you create on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter into your personal branding strategy and grow your audience and traffic to your site. When employers see people engaging with your advice, you'll effectively elevate yourself over other candidates.

Create a portfolio.

In addition to showcasing your expertise, go ahead and show off your work as well. Have you worked on graphic design projects, or can you put together a case study that shows how you successfully orchestrated a project? Whatever the work may be, if you did it well, show it off. Just as is the case with blogs, so is the same with portfolios when building a personal brand. There are many free options to select from, so pick one that best represents your personality and upload your work for all to see.

By starting with these tips, you can get your personal brand headed in the right direction. As you continue to touch things up, momentum will build and employers will take notice of your LinkedIn and online presence, thereby placing you at the top of their minds.

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