Our customers' stories show what an expert resume can do.

Are you experiencing feelings of excitement, confidence, and anticipation toward your upcoming (or ongoing) job search? Sadly, we'd more likely be surprised by a “yes” than a “no.” After all, these aren't the typical emotions associated with a job search. Often, a job search begins with resume frustration. How does one sum up themself and their professional accomplishments in a mere two pages? From there, things only get worse: applying, never hearing back, hearing back, rounds of interviews, rejection. It can feel like there's no end in sight. 

Now, let's change the narrative. Picture a world in which you're excited for a job search. A world where you feel confident in your resume. A world in which recruiters want to talk to you, want to invite you for interviews, and see the value you would bring to their organization. And not just once, but often — consistently — even weekly, and all culminating in a job offer. And not just any job offer, but a job offer you're excited about. A job offer that pays you your worth. Sound crazy? It's not.   

We believe in our services and their ability to help your job search become more exciting and fruitful, and our customers' stories say it all.

We're cheering for you, so start cheering for yourself too

Raise your hand if you cannot wait to put your resume online. Raise your hand if your resume makes you feel confident. Raise your hand if you're excited for your job search. If you didn't raise your hand, you're doing yourself and your job search a disservice. Don't let your job search drag you down. Instead, let your resume build you up and boost your confidence. We're cheering for you to succeed, so it's time you start cheering too! Our customers are raring and ready to go in their job searches, and you can join their ranks.

Here's what professionals like you have to say:

“I consider myself a seasoned (older) worker, re-entering the job market after some time away. I didn't want my resume to end up in the bottom of a file or worse, a recycle bin, so I found TopResume through AARP. They took my years of experience and turned it into something that I cannot wait to put online.” — Melissa

“I was feeling pretty down as I was not getting any callbacks from the applications I was submitting. After working for the same company for 15 years I really didn't know how to articulate my strengths and my resume was really suffering because of it. I finally decided to invest in myself and used TopResume and OMG was I so impressed! The best investment if you need a boost in confidence to put yourself out there! Don't hesitate and give them a try, you won't regret it.” — Dominique S.

“I'm very happy with my experience at TopResume! After many attempts to update my resume on my own, Marcus exceeded my expectations. He understood the field I was in and provided me with a top-notch resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. I'm excited to begin my job search and happy to share my new resume! I've already referred coworkers to TopResume!” — Tahisha F.

We see you, and it's time recruiters did too

Half of the struggle with the job search is being seen, and we know it's not easy. The elusive “resume black hole” is not just a myth; it's claiming resumes by the thousands each and every day, leaving their owners wondering, “Why am I getting no responses?” and “Have any recruiters even seen my resume?” We see you. We know that you're more than just your resume. Unfortunately, your resume needs to be positioned in the right way for recruiters to feel the same. Let's craft a resume that brings you and your accomplishments to life — a resume that jumps off the page and leaves the reader wanting more, wanting to meet you in person. Our customers are getting calls and landing interviews, and it's time you did too.

Here's what professionals like you have to say:

“I LOVE this service! Not only did I get paired with an expert resume writer, the customer service is some of the best I've seen in the industry. I went from thinking I'd never get out of this rut to already landing two interviews thanks to TopResume's emphasis on keywords and simplicity, and the writer's ability to understand the essence of the person. I've also made it through the first round of interviews thanks to my coaching through TopInterview. If you want to get your career going or you feel you're stuck in a rut, I can't recommend a better service to get the attention (and the career) you deserve!” — Daniel

“As I expressed personally to my writer, Laura, I felt she took the time and consideration to understand my individual situation personally and went beyond simply completing a project or checking a box to work with me on writing my resume and cover letter. Within two weeks of disseminating our shared effort, I went from “crickets” in my job search to being inundated with interviews and offers. The difference was astounding.” — Gina N.

“I had a great experience with TopResume. Could I have come up with a resume/cover letter as good as the final product on my own? Perhaps... But it would have easily taken weeks while working full time. Since putting the final product out there I have gotten interviews from 2 of 3 jobs that I have applied for and am moving on to second interviews. In my opinion, this service is absolutely worth the money. Leave it to the pros!” — Tim N.

We know you can land the job, and it's time it happened

If you're serious about finding a new job, you want it to happen sooner rather than later. Not to mention, you're most likely looking to earn more money and hoping to advance your career. That makes sense, so why does it seem so difficult to actually make these hopes a reality? The devil is truly in the details, which can be found in your resume. 

In 2019 we dove deeper, conducting an industry-first study to quantify the impact of a professionally written resume on our customers' job searches. We found that not only did recruiters value candidates with professionally written resumes to be worth seven percent more than those with self-written versions, but also that 68 percent secured a new job within 90 days of having their resume professionally written. In fact, there was a 32 percent higher rate of finding a job for those who had a professionally written resume than those who wrote their resume themselves, and 42 percent of them moved on to a higher-level position. Our customers' stories back up the data. They're going from crickets to job offers, underpaid to fairly paid (and more), and day job to dream job — and now it's time for your success story.

Here's what professionals like you have to say:

“I was 6 months without work and getting desperate. I applied for hundreds of positions and couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting any interviews. I decided it must be my resume and how I presented myself on paper. I gave TopResume a try and hired them to redo my resume and cover letter. They did an excellent job on both. I started using the new resume and cover letter and within a week I got a job offer doing exactly what I wanted. Many thanks for your help, it was exactly what I needed!” — Donald M.

“I had a wonderful experience with TopResume. My writer, Rachel, was quick and talented. The process was smooth and my end product was phenomenal. I began using the resume and cover letter right away and within a week I had 3 interviews. Not only that, but my updated resume highlighted project success at prior jobs that helped me negotiate a higher starting rate for a new opportunity!” — Nicholas C.

“Going into the process I was skeptical. I didn't think having my resume professionally done would change anything. I was wrong. Deanna made my resume look so appealing that it immediately stood out. It felt like every employer who looked at my resume wanted to talk in some form of communication. Having your resume looking that good gives you the confidence to talk to any employer. Fortunately I was able to get a new job within a few months. It's a game changer.” — Ethan S.

“The resume turned out better than I expected. I almost didn't recognize the person she described as myself, but then after pondering a while thought, "Yes, that IS me!" I guess I never really looked at myself in that light. I actually started receiving interviews where before this rewrite, all I heard were crickets. Within one week of submitting my updated resume, I received multiple interviews and a job offer!” — Rick B.

If you need us, we're here. Come see us again

A resume is meant to be a living, breathing document. It moves with you throughout your career, documenting your wins, bragging about your growth, and showing prospective employers your potential. Your resume will be instrumental in landing your next job ... and the one after that ... and the one after that. We're not just a single-use service; we're an essential partner invested in your long-term success. 

Here's what professionals like you have to say:

“I am a returning client of TopResume, so it works. I first encountered Topresume because of my need to transition my resume from one career to another, and the number of calls I received after updating my resume were unbelievable. Long story short, I was successful in getting a job in my new profession. Recently I've used the service again being that I've gained experience in this new profession to excel me to the next level as an experienced professional. Thanks, TopResume!” — Kambrian

“Let me start by saying that hiring TopResume was the best decision I made regarding my job search. I posted my new resume on three job boards and immediately started applying for jobs. Then the recruiter calls and emails started coming in, I almost could not keep up with the response to my resume. I have just now accepted a job with a very large company and couldn't be happier … I believe that I would not have ever been noticed for my current job if I did not have my current and new resume that was written by TopResume staff. I am going to use them again to update my resume after I have been at my new job for awhile.” —Nicole L.

“Without a doubt, TopResume is top-notch. I wouldn't recommend anyone else to my friends or colleagues, for help with their professional needs. My experience with them was excellent, and should I need anything in the future, I won't hesitate to use them again.” — Abn A.

The key to feeling confident in your job search? Feeling confident in your resume. TopResume can make that happen. Learn more today

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